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Care and Use

General Maintenance

Furniture should be dusted as often as needed using a dusting cloth treated to attract and hold dust. Do not use feather dusters which scatter the dust particles into the air, then resettle back on your furniture.

Furniture may be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild liquid detergent (if needed). DO NOT USE any abrasive or household spray cleaners on your furniture.

Polishing is recommended about once a month. However, be aware that over-polishing is the main cause of damaged finishes. Use a soft, lint-free, absorbent cloth and work with the grain of the wood. Use a quality furniture polish (such as Guardsman's Furniture Polish).

When using a product such as Guardsman Furniture Polish for the first time on previously polished furniture, it may be necessary to remove old wax and polish. This can be accomplished safely and easily using a high quality wood cleaning product such as Guardsman Wood Cleaner. Not cleaning furniture prior to polishing could lead to disappointing results as polishes will loosen old layers of wax, leaving a cloudy surface.

Tighten bolts on chair bottoms. After a period of extended use, the bolts holding the legs to the seat may start to loosen slightly. Use a screw driver to hand tighten the bolts so the seat is firmly attached to the legs. Should you need replacement screws, please contact the Cherner Chair Company at 866.243.7637 (toll-free) and we will be happy to send you replacement fasteners.

Replace/clean chair glides. The glides on the bottom of your chairs should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt. Dirt imbedded in the glides increases the wear on wood floors. Cherner Chair can provide you with replacement glides if needed, but these parts are often available at your local hardware store.

Things to Avoid

Avoid placing plastic or rubber objects on a wood finish, as their ingredients react with those of the finish.

Avoid wax polishes. Regular use of wax polishes may result in the build-up of wax film on the surface of the furniture. This build-up may then pick up dirt, smoke and other pollutants in the air, which may result in smudges and streaks. Used long enough, this may cause the finish to soften, requiring expensive refinishing work.

Avoid silicone polishes. Silicone oil is an ingredient used by many furniture polish makers to create a high degree of shine. Silicone seeps into even the most lacquered finishes, making it difficult to remove. Should it become necessary to refinish a piece of furniture, silicone makes it a very difficult process, even for a professional refinisher.

Wood Care Products (available at

Guardsman Furniture Polish is a special blend of natural and organic oils with cleaning emulsifiers. It does not contain wax, silicone or petroleum-distillate solvents. Guardsman Furniture Polish is safe, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

Guardsman Wood Cleaner will safely remove old wax, built-up polish and many types of stains and discolorations.

Guardsman Dusting Cloth is specially treated to attract and lock dust into the cloth fibers.